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New Bike Day Is Coming

Specialized home delivery
with alameda bicycle

Alameda Bicycle is your official Specialized home delivery partner.  We’ve worked on, sold, and supported Specialized at our shop since the early nineties.  And we’ve partnered with Specialized to assemble and deliver the bike you purchased from them to your door.*  

How It Works:
Confirm your Purchase
Book Your Appointment For Delivery
We'll Build & Deliver Your New Bike
Get Out & Ride!

Please contact us or follow the instructions below to get started.

Step 1

First things first. We want to make sure you bought the right bike and have the right gear. Please contact us or fill out a quick questionnaire below.

Mountain Road Commute Recreation

step 2

Book your appointment for home delivery. 

Step 3

Our professional mechanics will assemble and fine-tune your bike and coordinate delivery to your door. When we arrive, expect a few minutes for training and a test-ride. We’ll be available to make minor adjustments such as correcting the seat height** so your bike is safe and comfortable to ride.

step 4

It’s time to ride! We hope you love your new bike. Our team is always here to answer your questions and set you up for success on all of your upcoming cycling adventures. 

* This is not an Alameda Bicycle purchase; this is not eligible for our policies.  

** We are not providing a bicycle fit, but basic seat adjustment.