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Fitness Ride

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing protocol that we are following, we're not able to host our Fitness Rides at this time. We'll update this page as soon as anything changes.  - AB staff

Fitness Ride

Ride fast enough to break a sweat, not your back.  

When: Sunday mornings, 10-noon (except 1st Sundays); Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 8ish
Meet at: Alameda Bicycle, 1522 Park St, Alameda, California

Join us for a brisk ride around the island, up to the hills, or somewhere new!  

We won’t leave anyone behind, and the ride is beginner friendly, but we recommend a street hybrid or a road bike. We set our pace at roughly 10-14 miles an hour and try to get everyone sweating a bit!

Check out our Strava page for a sampling of our routes!

Please see our Facebook page for updates.

Photo from a fitness ride
Photo from a fitness ride

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