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Also called Adventure or All-Road bikes, Gravel bikes have risen into prominence in the bike world because they offer stellar performance across a wide range of terrain.  We're Surly's largest dealer in Northern California because we're truly in love with how versatile these bikes are.  If you want to own just one bike, this is it.  


Road cycling is a sport that you can pick up at nearly any age and stick with it for years to come.  If you want to zen out alone, find a new sport that you and a loved one can do together, or ride socially with a local cycling club (like Team Alameda or Alameda Velo), you'll want a road bike.


Want to explore deep into the woods? Pedal out on a dirt path with no route in mind? Or explore the vast network of trails in our regional parks and beyond? A mountain bike might be what you’re looking for.


Anyone who tells you that you won't get exercise on an electric bike is lying.  The electric bikes we carry are pedal-assist, meaning that the harder you pedal, the more assist the bike gives you.  Riding an e-bike feels like riding a bike, only you're stronger, faster, and ready to crush hills.  


Commuting to work on a bike has so many benefits. You don't pay for gas or parking, you don't in traffic, and you exercise while you commute.  It’s also environmentally friendly, and gives you some pre-work endorphins.  Be careful though, you're about to start spending more money on food.


Just want to get out there and ride? If you’re looking to get more outdoor time or spend quality time with the family, bikes don’t have to be so serious - they’re supposed to be fun, after all!   Casual bikes like these tend to favor comfort over performance.


Cycling is a fantastic way to get some exercise.  Whether you’re an ex-runner whose knees are saying “no more” or someone who is looking to make their lifestyle more active, riding a bike is a fun and engaging experience, no matter your level of fitness or cycling ability.


We get it - when you fork over a bunch of dough for a bike, accessories feel like stuff you can get later.  But we call these Essentials for a reason.  Everyone needs the 6 Essentials on this list.

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