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We always say that every trail is different, and so are the people who ride them. The "right bike" is the one that suits your needs the best, and nobody else’s. If you're riding around the Bay Farm Island trail with your family, you're going to want a different bike than if you're sprinting down Fruitvale to catch a BART train or going for a weekend bike camping trip with some buddies.  

With that said, here are the first three considerations:

Bike Size

A properly sized bike is vital. You may be in between sizes, but do not buy a bike that doesn’t fit. No matter what. Bicycle sizing is similar to purchasing clothes - manufacturers measure their bikes differently and geometry differs from bike to bike. A 56cm frame from one brand doesn't necessarily fit the same as a 56cm frame from another. We can help you narrow down your search via text or email, but nothing beats a test ride to really get the size right.

Bike Type

The type of bike to get depends upon how much versatility you want, where you will be riding, and how the ride feels to you. Some bikes are super versatile, while others do one thing really well. There are often a few options based on where you want to ride - don't forget to consider a pedal-assist electric bike. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of all the options that could work for you.

Bike Price

The more you spend, the nicer the bike - that's pretty straightforward. The best value bike for you will depend on your budget, how often you’ll ride, and personal feedback based on where you're going to ride. Talking about money can be a little awkward at times, but we will always be honest with you about the bike you'll need. Once you know the type of bike, you can move on to specifics like bike weight, shifting and brake systems, suspension, and component quality - all of which play a huge factor in both ride quality and price. Factors like your body type and where you ride also play a part in how much you should spend. When planning your new bike budget, also keep in mind the cycling essentials you’ll need to get started.


We'll probably ask more questions than you'd typically get on a first date, but listening is more important than talking at this point (that's good dating advice, too). 

Here are some things we've got to find out about you and your future ride:


There is no substitute for getting on a bike. Don’t buy a bike without riding it first, and trust what you feel on a test ride.  Few of us are “car experts,” but we all honor what we feel when taking a car out for a test drive - the same goes for a bike. We can only tell you so much - you do have to go out and spin the cranks.

If you’re ready to begin test-riding some bikes, get a personalized recommendation online, text us or stop by.  

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