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Virtual Ride Alongs

Eduardo's Ride - Lake Chabot, Oyster Bay and Bay Farm

16 May 2021

Eduardo leads this week's virtual ride, and its a choose how hard you want to work adventure! As always, get out there and ride, and don't forget to share pics on socials with the hashtag #abshopride

This is my hump day ride I like to go out on every week! I start off heading up Lake Chabot Road towards the park until you see the turnoff for McGregor George Trail. This is a great, lightly trafficked area to get in some fairly short, high intensity hill climbs. Three of these is enough to get the heart pumping and it's good primer for rest of this long but fairly flat ride - I like to get my cardio out of the way early :) Feel free to do more or less of these depending on how fit you're feeling that day. Midweek really works best as the road stays pretty wide open.

Afterwards, we hit some flats along the Bay Trail starting at Oyster Bay. This spot is a hidden treasure for those who don't know about it. The area was slated to become a disc golf site pre-pandemic, and much of the area has had new sod laid down. Check out the cool artwork installed on one of the hills and watch the planes taking off from Oakland International. We'll be riding past the airport through a protected bike lane and doing a loop along Bay Farm Island past some scenic water views before heading home through San Leandro. On a day without headwinds it's a total pleasure, and on days with strong headwinds it's a test of will that leaves me drained and feeling super accomplished. When I'm pressed for time I skip the flats part and do a quick one hour loop up too Chabot and back home. I've explored the surrounding trails on a 26x2.3 Surly Steam Roller and know it would be super fun on a nice gravel bike. Big tire clearances, cushy rides, braze-ons for stuff to do stuff.  Get out there and have all the fun!

Larry's Ride - Coffee outside through Alameda and Bay Farm

9 May 2021

This weeks virtual ride is brought to you by Larry and is a chill around town partypace ride to enjoy with friends and family, perfect for almost all ages and fitness levels. Enjoy the views and share your pics on socials with the hashtag #abshopride

Grab your camping stove and some coffee beans! Or just explore Alameda with some family and friends. We start on the west end of the island, near Washington Park - a great meetup spot to let your kids run around before leaving on our bike ride. Make your way down though some of the quiet residential streets of Gold Coast until you find you way to San Jose near Franklin Park. Head over to Jay's if you want a pastry or sandwich. San Jose has been designated a slow street by the city and a super easy way to traverse the length of the island mostly traffic free. Head north on Oak to avoid Park and maybe find time to stop off at your favorite bike shop on the island for a water or snack break.

Head down Central and make a right on Fernside. The bicycle lane hops over to the opposite side of the street about half way down when it turns into a protected bike lane. From there get ready to ascend the biggest hill in Alameda... the pedestrian/bike bridge crossing over into Bay Farm. Hang a left here and ride through some gorgeous wildflowers with a scenic view of the Coliseum. One last hill and welcome to the model airfield! Sit at some benches and brew yourself some coffee :) Head back the way you came, or head over to Shoreline and enjoy the air blowing in from over the Bay.

Scott's Ride - Mt. Tam

1 May 2021

Welcome to a new weekly mini event where we share some of our staff's favorite rides here in the bay area. We hope you'll ride along with us - virtually - and share your thoughts and photos on socials using the #abshopride

Here's a ride that Scott loves: it's a classic mixed terrain ride on Mt. Tam with plenty of dirt. Perfect for a gravel bike, cross bike, or a hardtail mountain bike. Your full suspension might be a little overkill, but fun on the dirt descents.

Start in Mill Valley. Easy free parking right where Almonte Boulevard and Miller Avenue meet, by Tam High. Cruise into downtown Mill Valley and wiggle onto West Blithedale Ave. Follow it out through the redwoods until you get to a turnoff for Old Railroad Grade.  


Railroad Grade is a long sustained climb up to the top of Mt. Tam, but we're only going to the West Point Inn, which is about 2/3 of the way to the top. It's a 5ish mile dirt climb that never gets too steep, and is beautiful all the way to the top.  It's mostly shaded, has incredible views, and there's even a waterfall on your right which is a great place to dunk your cycling cap on a hot day.  


When you get to the West Point inn, there's picnic benches and sometimes snacks at the inn (great lemonade). Take a break, and then head down Old Stage Road (a dirt road) which descends to the Pantoll Ranger Station. Old Stage is a chill descent and you can easily get going pretty fast - be careful for hikers and folks riding uphill! At the bottom of Old Stage, you'll cross Panoramic Highway and enter the ranger station parking lot. There's water here. Keep riding through the lot and follow signs for Coastal View trail - some of the only legal singletrack on Mt. Tam!

Coastal View is a twisty gem of a trail with a lovely section that goes through the woods. It's not too technical but definitely has some features to pay attention to, including several rutted out sections. The views here are unsurprisingly lovely and the riding is phenomenal. At the bottom of the trail, bomb down Highway 1 into the town of Muir Beach. Hungry? Thirsty? Sop at the Pelican Inn.  


On the left hand side will be the turn off for Diaz Ridge trail. This is a longer climb which switchbacks up the hill - good practice for your technical skills! It's not too steep, but it's exposed and it can be a grind. That said, it's a lot more relaxed than battling traffic climbing Highway 1. At the top, you'll descend back towards the road, and hang a left onto it, descending Highway 1 back into Mill Valley. Grab a cup of coffee at the Equator Coffee at Tam Junction, and then hang a left back to where you parked.