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Road Bike Rides

EXPLORE Bay Area Local Favorites

There are tons of great rides for road bike enthusiasts in the East Bay Hills. Our local cycling clubs, Team Alameda and Alameda Velo have some links here to a bunch of rides with cue sheets ready to go. Read on to learn about more of our recommended road bike routes near Alameda.

Butters Canyon, Oakland
Happy Valley Road
Climbing up Skyline Boulevard, Oakland
El Toyonal road
Wildcat Canyon Road
Tunnel Road, Oakland
View from top of Tunnel Road, Oakland CA

Tunnel Road

Tunnel Road is a classic Oakland hills climb. It’s a steady 3 or so miles and about 800 feet of climbing. It’s twisty, has great views, and is a good fitness barometer - if you’re feeling strong on Tunnel, a good ride is likely ahead. It’s not too steep, but gets a bit pitchier near the end. From the top of Tunnel, you can either turn left on Grizzly Peak and head towards the Berkeley side of the hills, or turn right on Skyline and head towards the Oakland side.


Ride Map


Ride Map


Ride Map


Here's our top six road rides Bay Area road rides that are a drive or public transit trip away.

  1. Three Bears Loop (Route link)

  2. Mt. Diablo from South Gate Road (Route link)

  3. Mt. Tamalpais from Fairfax (Route link)

  4. Old La Honda/Tunitas Creek/Kings Mountain loop (Links here)

  5. Cheese Factory/Marshall Wall/Point Reyes loop (Route link)

  6. Paradise Loop (Route link)

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