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About Us

We aim to spread the love of cycling to everyone.

We concentrate on selling cycling, and not just bikes - so we lead rides and clinics to help others (re)discover the joy that cycling brings to us.  Our mission is to help experienced and new riders alike, by giving mutual respect and honest advice.  

We honor the craft of bike mechanics, and we appreciate all bikes - from classic steel touring rigs and the newest carbon race machines, to the well-loved bikes that are used for daily transportation.  We strive to do our best on every bike we that comes into our shop.

We think our policies are the bike industry's best, and we stand behind them every day.  Our policies reflect our desire to make you - the client - our most enthusiastic salesperson.  Our goal is to stoke you out so much that we don't need to advertise.

We believe that working at a bike shop should be a viable career, so we find great people who share our values, and keep 'em around for the long haul.  So thank you fam for supporting us since 1969... we're honored to be a thread in the community fabric of Alameda, Oakland, and the East Bay.  Let’s keep the rubber side down and ride!

What Sets Us Apart? Our Policies.

Meet Our Staff:

George Bike Fit Specialist


Bike Fit Specialist

George is a former Marine, father of two, and a bicycling lifer. He’s ridden since he was 4 years old, and wouldn't know who he was if he didn't.

Bikes owned: '96 Specialized Allez, Rivendell Joe Appaloosa, VanTuyl TT bike, '91 Specialized Hardrock Xtracycle, Flying Pigeon PA-06, Surly Steamroller.

Hannah Sales Associate & Events Coordinator


Sales Associate & Social Media Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

Chris Service Manager


Service Manager

Chris has been doing this for some time now. (Since 1988, to be precise). He’d guess it all began by stripping a beat up yellow Schwinn abandoned in the alley by his house as a kid. He ruined his dad's chisels in the process, but taught himself about reverse threading and it turned into a career. Since then he’s been using the proper tools, trying to keep up with the dizzying amount of tooling and new product knowledge while passing his knowledge onto the next generation of mechanics.

Bikes owned: 2019 Surly Midnight Special. I have a 29" wheel full suspension bike that I shortly want to replace with a Specialized Stumpjumper Comp. 

Scott General Manager


General Manager

Scott rode in circles around the Foster City cul-de-sac he grew up in with his feet on some
pegs that never properly got put to use. While attending college in Santa Cruz, he saw someone pedaling a bike in circles around the quad on campus and thought “hey, I used to love to do that!” With some help, he built up a single speed at the bike co-op in town. The obsession started from there. Besides bikes, Scott spends his time thinking about baseball,
records, buildings, and cameras - not necessarily in that order.

Bikes owned: Cam Falconer road and cross bikes, Blue Steel 650b all-road, Santa Cruz Chameleon 29er, Surly Ogre, Surly Cross-Check, ‘90 Specialized Stumpjumper.

Cari Service Mechanic


Service Mechanic

Cari rides dirt but is secretly a roadie. She has never had a drivers’ license. She likes hills and sunsets. Her favorite tools are a mini ratchet and swivel de-burrer. She lives in a trailer with her cat, Brian.

Bikes owned: Ritte road bike, Schwinn High Sierra ATB, Salsa Ala Carte Mountain bike.

Guy Service Mechanic


Service Mechanic

Guy’s first memory of being on a bike involved taking his training wheels off and promptly falling over. His next memory is listening to the Beastie Boys on a Walkman while riding around in the dirt on a construction site. He’s been working on bikes ever since, appreciating how wonderfully efficient and simple they are. Guy likes anything old - whether it’s bicycles, typewriters, records, or straight razors. Originally from Arkansas, he went to college in the midwest. After leaving Ohio, he traveled, worked in fine dining, taught English in Indonesia for several years and finally landed in the Bay Area. Guy rides for transportation and recreation
and has a fondness for steel bikes and hand-built wheels. “If it's good enough for the Amish, it's good enough for me.”

Bikes owned: Lynskey R260, Salsa Warbird, Bianchi B.A.S.S., Ciocc road bike, Litespeed mountain bike turned commuter.

Larry Service Mechanic


Sales Associate and Events Coordinator

Larry is a longtime bike enthusiast and advocate originally from Los Angeles. He spent his college days at UC Santa Cruz commuting around town on cruisers and traversing the Pacific Coast Highway on old aluminum road bikes. Having spent the better part of a decade living in major metropolitan cities across the country, he’s come to appreciate not needing a car to commute to work or to leisure. He’s also appreciative of comfy bikes with plentiful tire volumes that can hold a pack of beer and his groceries for him on his way home. When he’s not out riding or working, you can find Larry outside exploring our state and national parks; playing some pub trivia, or being at home here in Alameda with his partner and ensemble of black-furred pets. 

Bikes owned: Surly Pack Rat, Surly Lowside, Specialized Roubaix Sport, 1989 Trek 1000.

Nick Service Mechanic


Service Mechanic

Nick has loved bikes since his early days riding around forest paths as a kid in Poland. After moving to the midwest, he started working at a bike shop, and has been in the bike industry ever since. He's been living in Oakland since 2018 and wrenching at Alameda Bicycle since early 2020. Nick enjoys problem solving on bikes and doing flat bar conversions. While he mostly commutes, he enjoys gravel and cyclocross riding. Outside of bikes, Nick enjoys playing and watching basketball and exploring different music genres. 

Bikes owned: Ibis Hakka MX, Surly 1x1 Rat Ride, Voodoo Wazoo, 1992 Eddy Merckx Corsa, All-City Electric Queen, 1959 Schwinn American.

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