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Bike Trade-In


Kids' BIKE Trade-Up

Return a kid's bike purchased from us and get 50% of what you spent towards the next size bike. 12", 16", 20", and 24" wheeled bikes are eligible for a trade-up. For example, if the first bike you bought cost $200, when you bring it back to trade up, you’ll get a $100 credit towards the new bike.

BIKE Trade-InS

We take trade-ins through Bicycle Blue Book. By filling out a quote form, we are able to quickly give you an estimated trade-in value for your used bike. We take it, ship it off to them, and give you with store credit good towards buying a new bike from us. There could be some real value in that bike collecting dust in your garage!

BIKE Donations

We regularly donate the old bikes to our favorite non-profit organizations: Bay Area Bike Rescue, Cycles of Change, Street Level Cycles, and Rich City Rides. Have an old bike you'd like to donate to them? You can drop it off with us and we'll pass it off to a new home.

Bike donations loaded into a truck
Bike donations

If you're with a non-profit or school that needs kids' bikes, get in touch!

Trading In Your Old Bike

Are you looking for a new bike but don't know what to do with your old one? Excellent news: we accept bike trade-ins through our partner, Bicycle Blue Book. Clean up that older bike that's been hanging in your garage, bring it to us for a fast and easy evaluation, and get credit towards the bike of your dreams.

Find Your New Bike

Start exploring our bike selection online and get excited for the new possibilities that await you when you visit us with your trade-in.  Need help finding a new bike? Check out our buyer's guide, get a personalized recommendation, or contact us!