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Gear Up with Cycling Essentials

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We’re stoked that you’re discovering (or rediscovering) your love of cycling. Now that you're back on two wheels, don't forget about the smaller things you'll need to have the best possible time out there on the bike. Check out some of our favorite riding gear, or get in touch with us for advice from our team of dedicated cyclists.


Shine bright everywhere you go! Adding lights to your bike is important, even if you aren’t riding at night - but especially if you are. Daytime visibility lights allow you to be seen easily by other riders and vehicles. We have a variety of super bright options, and we’re happy to make a recommendation and tell you about our favorites.


Before you pedal off on your next adventure, invest in a helmet. There's no good reason to ride without a helmet - they've gotten so might lighter and more comfortable. We've got the latest technology in helmet safety, and as as many color options as you can handle. Can’t decide which option is best for you? Check in with us for a recommendation!

Pedals and Shoes

Choosing the right pedals for your new bike is a mix of personal preference and riding style. Many nice bikes don't come with pedals because brands figure that you'll have your own preferences. We have a wide variety of clipless (pictured) and flat pedal options in stock. We carry a great selection of Specialized shoes, as well - we think they're the best on the market.

Whatever your style, we can help with your selection, and we can install the pedals (and cleats, if necessary) on your new bike.

Racks & Bags

Take your cycling adventures to a new level with the addition of a rack, bag, or basket! The type of storage you choose will depend on what you want to take with you on your ride. Handlebar bags and frame packs are great for small things like a phone, snacks and tools. Baskets are great for transporting groceries or larger loads. Panniers are perfect for commuting, errands, or even bike camping trips.


Keep the water flowing on your rides! Whether you are pedaling around the neighborhood or going for a long, grueling ride, you need to stay hydrated. Adding a water bottle cage (or two) to your new bike is simple and easy. For longer rides or mountain rides, go with a hydration pack - also great for transporting phones, sunscreen and snacks.

More Top Categories to Explore

Already have the basics covered? Take your ride to the next level with cycling-specific apparel (you’ll thank us for suggesting padded shorts), GPS-enabled computers, and much more.