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Mountain Bike Rides


The Bay Area is where mountain biking began, and we're truly blessed to have some of the best singletrack in the world. From Marin to Santa Cruz to local East Bay spots, there's a ton of great mountain bike trails to explore.

Joaquin Miller Park

Joaquin Miller Park is a place we should feel lucky to have. As mountain bikers in the Bay Area, trail access is limited. NO BIKES signs are as prevalent as rocks, roots, and Oak leaves. Joaquin Miller Park is a small park in the Oakland hills, maintained by the City of Oakland and a lot of dedicated volunteers. It has many trails, almost all of which are open to bikes. Legal singletrack? You bet. A good amount of it.

Joaquin Miller Park sign
Trail in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland
Trail in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland
Sequoia Bayview Trail, Joaquin Miller Park
Surly Krampus mountain bike at Joaquin Miller Park
Big trees trail
Fall on Sunset trail
Sequoia Bayview Trail, Joaquin Miller Park
Good trail down this way. Freeway.

A close to complete guide to the trails of Joaquin Miller Park

Trail Map

Redwood Regional Park

Skyline Blvd Median Trail, Oakland
Max at Joaquin Miller Park
Wildcat Creek Trail
Graham Trail, Redwood Regional Park
Bikes at the Redwood Bowl
Bottom of East Ridge Trail
Guy coming down Graham Trail
View at Serpentine Prairie
View of Diablo and eastward from Graham trail
Old Stumpy at Roberts Pool

Redwood Regional Park Trail Details

Trail Map

Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Anthony Chabot Regional Park
John at Anthony Chabot
Looking out from Brandon Trail
Chabot Single Track
San Leandro Reservoir from Soaring Hawk

Lake Chabot Loop/Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Trail Map

A Little Further Away

Here are our top six non-East Bay mountain bike destinations (links from the great site, Bay Area Mountain bike rides):

  1. Camp Tamarancho, Fairfax (Route suggestion)

  2. China Camp, San Rafael (Route suggestion) and the backside - for experts (Route suggestion)

  3. Annadel State Park, Santa Rosa (Three route suggestions)

  4. El Corte De Madera Creek Open Space Preserve (Skeggs Point), San Mateo County (Four rides at Skeggs)

  5. Soquel Demonstration State Forest, Santa Cruz Mountains (Route Suggestions)

  6. Wilder Ranch State Park/Pogonip, Santa Cruz (Three route suggestions)

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