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COVID-19 Updates


Alameda bicycle is compliant with current alameda county covid guidelines. Masks are not required, but encouraged.

  • It's pretty busy, and we may not be able to answer the phone - that said, we're doing pretty well with it.
  • You can always text us: 510-522-0070. We're getting back to texts very quickly. Live chat is available during our open hours, from 11 AM-6 PM. Replies may be slower on the weekends as it's busier.
  • You can also email us: - this may take a bit longer to hear back.
  • We're open online 24/7; if you choose in-store pickup we'll help you out when you arrive, and swap or return purchases as needed.
  • We have masks available if you do not have one.
  • We have sanitizer by both doors, and a sink in the bathroom if you'd like to wash your hands.

In-Stock Bikes

Allow an hour to get set up at the shop, depending on the bike.

Test Ride Assembly

Currently scheduling test ride bike builds 3-4 days out.

Special Order Bikes

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery and assembly. (It is pretty unlikely right now that we'd be able to special order any bike.)

Trust us -  we'll do our best to find you the right bike based on your budget, current wait time, and flexibility of choice - but we'll NEVER sell you a bike that isn't right for you.  

  1. Before coming by to test ride, feel free to send us a text at 510-522-0070 to ensure that we have something built for you. COVID-19 has greatly affected the inventory of bicycles and bicycle parts/accessories. 
  2. If we have a bike in stock and assembled, we can hold it for two days with no payment for you to test ride. If you like the bike and want to take it, we'll do our best to get any accessories installed within 48 hours.
  3. If we have a bike in stock and it is not assembled, we can schedule it up for assembly so you can try it.  We are not permitted to sell bikes in the box, and we cannot ship bikes to you (with a few exceptions).  We must build them all. We will hold any test ride bike for two days after we build it without payment before releasing it to stock.
  4. If we don't have a bike in stock, we may be able to special order it (though unlikely right now).  A full deposit is required, but is refundable as long as the bike does not leave the shop.  You are welcome to test ride before making a decision.  We'll never pressure you into taking a bike with you that you don't love.


Including returns and exchanges.


Live chat is available via text message at 510-522-0070. You can email us at